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The laal kabootar starts slowly but moves fast. When Elias (Mansha Pasha )’s husband, Naaman Malik (Ali Kazmi), was killed in brutal target killings in Karachi, she wants answers and revenge. She is against a lazy system of justice as well as against a social structure that is not good for single women, it is driven by anger. Eventually, he comes to Adeel (Ahmad Ali), a taxi driver who has his own problems. Adeel’s dreams of going to Dubai cannot be fulfilled, though she is involved in petty crimes. After a chance encounter with Aaliyah, he offers to learn important information for her, in exchange for a huge sum. This story is not like many other crime movies and comes together with a clean-up of police officers, businessmen, small thieves, and murderers. However, the star of this movie is Inspector Ibrahim (Rashid Farooqi), who easily turns between a loving family man and a corrupt police officer. When an informer tortures an informant you curse him, but you absolutely love him when he lets his daughter do her makeup. A police officer looks up at a gate, chanting “Hey hello” to some criminals, and lets them escape. An inspector tries to wake his wife by pulling his eyelids, and you both laugh as you laugh. Just when you consider that the film lacks emotional depth, you are offered a parent’s grief over the loss of their dead child or the uneasiness of a young man to silence his father. ۔ Meanwhile, in the deepest depths of a dense neighborhood of Karachi, Adeel (Ahmed Ali Akbar) leans towards his old father, drives a small red taxi that can be met, committing a small theft. And dreams of saving enough money to escape to the promised land. : Dubai laal kabootar lollywood movie

Aaliyah and Adele’s personal plans and plans throw them together unexpectedly. Adeel offers to help Aaliya find her husband’s killer. In return, she will give him enough money to escape to the United Arab Emirates. Sounds easy… but none of them realize they are in their heads.

Then there are the dangers and the dangers and the fear, the firing and the death, the difficult choices and the potential for a corrupt empire to be exposed.
Aliya and Adeel’s individual scheming and planning throw them together unexpectedly. Adeel offers to help Aliya find her husband’s murderer. In exchange, she’ll give him enough money to flee to the UAE. Sounds simple enough … but neither of them realize they’re in over their heads.

What follows is a corrupt empire of threats and torment and fear, gunfights and death, difficult choices and the potential unmasking.

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