Coronavirus (COVID-19) Explained

Last weeks of 2019 world was ready to welcome the year 2020 many local hospitals in Wuhan China report in an unusual number of cases who had Shiva pneumonia without their cost and I will not be responding to any form of an existing vaccine on medicines soon after a seafood market in the hun and region was linked to all these cases this was a wholesale seafood market which had about thousands selling fish chickens parts snakes rabbits and many other wild animals.

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these cases showed a very high human to human transmission rate which was further increased as a taste for breast and an initial hypothesis was formulated that this was a new type of Coronavirus that ward in the animals being sold in seafood market of Vihaan this result in a fear that it could be similar to the stars epidemic of 2002 which infected a thousand people and killed 774 they all wrong because this was going to be something many words girls in Bihar and isolated in the Genie and Hospital of this 59 Spectre cases 41 were confirmed budget 2019 novel coronavirus infection isolation was too late and before the isolated these cases had infected hundreds of others that eventually infected thousands.

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the starting the 2019 Nobel coronavirus epidemic localize epidemic in central China quickly spread to involve all the Chinese provinces in a manner of few weeks this thread was escalated by the Chinese new year and thousands of tourist out of the home situation became very dense when cases in other countries were also reported which were translated by international Travellers the first cases reported from Vietnam and soon after several new cases reported from Germany Thailand Japan Australia United States Russia and others of new countries leading to global panic situation epidemic osteitis first as on January 92020 for the test all has just begun as of making this video the noble coronavirus epidemic has led to more than 95000 confirm cases of which 8000 are serious more than 65 countries have been affected with major outbreaks in Central China South Korea Italy and Iran.

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you can imagine the gravity of the situation by looking at this path wh0 declared the epidemic as a Global Health emergency suspended apply to China all several other airline companies have severe reduce the number of Delhi flights US government has temporary band entry into the United States by any foreign national who has travel to China in the past 14 days china has placed its new Mercedes in government lockdown that affects has Quarantine millions of people convert Corona meaning Crown or hello which refers to the characteristic appearance of this virus consists of ago of genetic material surrounded with and all of proteins bikes this gives it an appearance of a crown and Crown in Latin means Corona and seem korona Virus that cause disease in mammals and birds these are RNA viruses with the genome of 2632.

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Coronavirus has been detected every few years was the first ones been discovered in 1960 is which caused mild respiratory infections in chickens since then the number of different coronaviruses has been discovered mostly Paytm Birds parts and other small warm-blooded animals viruses of India due to close contact of humans with these animals these viruses can jump from the animal to human to start a new disease many coronaviruses have already infected mas coronavirus and human coronavirus NL 63 the latest edition to these names is a noble coronavirus in formerly known as the Wuhan coronavirus new viruses are detected all the time is known that coronavirus species circulate in a variety of animals Sometimes.

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This virus can make a jump from animals to humans this is known as spillover and can be due to a number of reasons that mutations in the virus itself or increased close contact between humans and animals like we discussed for example of the virus is known to be transmitted from camels to humans and search coronavirus from Siva Cabs Yaad menu the early coronavirus cases for linked to the south China seafood wholesale market in the earliest documented case.

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